6.75"x15" Air Injection Technology For Aquariums

6.75"x15" Air Injection Technology For Aquariums
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  • Item #: 6.75x15AITforAQUA

This purchase of AIT for Aquariums includes:

  • 6.75"x15"  AIT AquaGrid
  • Printed Assembly Instructions


Introducing a truly revolutionary air diffusion technology, the Air Injection Technology for AQUARIUMS!

Some major benefits include:

  -Increased Oxygen Levels
  -Improved Gravel Filtration
  -Air Injected Through-Out Entire Tank
  -Increased Circulation & Convection
  -Entertains Your Fish
  -Improved Aquatic Plant Growth

Our inovative technology increases overall circulation and filtration by diffusing the oxygen evenly through-out the tank. No other diffusion technology can compete!

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